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Happy 2021!

Hello friends,

We are happy to have 2020 in the rear-view mirror! It looks like 2021 will be a rebuilding year for The Delines as it is still too soon to get together. Togetherness is what we are all about after all, I mean after good food and drink, hot tubs, massages, long walks on the beach, a good movie, sunsets and music of course. I guess music should be higher up on the list if that is technically our main thing but togetherness is still totally in there. Hard to beat good food and drink, I feel pretty good about that one being first. That said, if one was truly striving for accuracy a quick survey of The Delines would put drink before food much of the time but the results could fluctuate throughout the day. It’s probably not worth changing the list for such a minor point. What we really need is a little van time, to hug on some friends and to soft-rock the house!

In the meantime we have been making excellent progress on the new record so there is another thing to look forward to when the fog lifts. Stay warm people!


ps. We at Delines HQ have been listening to vinyl again. We tried to avoid it but the pull was too strong. The ritual of the thing, the divine heaviness of the magic flying saucer.

We have a few copies of The Imperial available in the store and will look for some more of the back catalog.


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